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Erica Roozendaal was born in Onderdijk, The Netherlands, in 1987.  Her first encounter with music was at the local music school where she took accordion lessons until the age of 16. Erica studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with James Crabb where she completed her bachelor and master. Afterwards she took a second master at the Norwegian academy of music in Oslo with Frode Haltli.


Erica has participated and performed throughout Europe in numerous projects, festivals and concerts, for example November Music, UNM, the Atlas Festival, and the Nordic Music Days.



Her interest for new music has led to collaborations with composers, which resulted in numerous new solo works and chamber works.  Established links with composers such as Hafdis Bjarnadottir, Farshid Samandari and Igor Iofe enable a path for Erica to explore adventurous new ways of approaching the accordion.


Next to an interest in contemporary music, Erica also works with baroque and folk music. She plays in Shtetl Band Amsterdam, furthermore she developed a programme in which early Dutch folk melodies intersect with contemporary works.




The accordion is a young instrument. Around 1850 it was widespread in Russia as a folk instruments. A few decades later it became known in the rest of Europe. Its encounter with classical music took place in the beginning of the 20th century.


I am interested in contemporary music because its development is taking place right now. It is a direct expression of current society and culture. I like to challenge the audience by introducing them to sounds and colours they have never heard before. Part of my contemporary repertoire consists of commissioned pieces, as I like to work together with (young) composers.

Since the beginning of my studies I also enjoy playing early music, especially Bach. Baroque and renaissance music suit the accordion very well. Playing Bach is unveiling for me.  Expressing my musical mind is inevitable when I play his music.


Furthermore my repertoire exists of music rooted in Yiddish and Dutch folk music. Next to that I make my own compositions.


 We play Jewish and klezmer music, inspired by the early klezmer music from the East of Europe. We combine the early style with new tunes composed in the old style.

Shtetl Band Amsterdam

Violoncello. Clarinet. Accordion.


Not a trio but a band.


Revising traditionals, recycling classics, presenting contemporaries.


Writing, improvising, reinventing.



Dutch and Jewish folk music with contemporary influences

Duo Erica Roozendaal / Bert Vos

Re-arranged orchestra music in new settings


Duo Soinua

Soinua means sound in Basque. The duo consists of Erica on accordion and Francesca Clements on recorder. We mainly focus on getting composers to write for this combination in order to expand the repertoire for our instrumentation. Already several composers have written new works for our duo, amongst others Jelle Verstraten and Igor Iofe.

A very personal solo CD-project, with existing music by Soerensen, Samandari a.o. and some of my own music. For regular updates regarding release-dates and concerts I recommend you sing up for my newsletter!

Arquitecturas del Silencio


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'Home'  by Simon Casali

Photo with black background by Jan Verburg
Roadrunner by Michel Marang
Shtetl Band Amsterdam by Tobias Putman
Duo Erica Roozendaal and Bert Vos by Carla van Tijn

All paintings are made by Erica