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Hannah's Podium

The story

Five paintings and five pieces of music connect, reflect and respond to the ideas of German-American Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt.

Erica Roozendaal sought out and wrote music that linked to her ideas. In addition to this, she also made about five paintings. The starting point of inspiration was the question: If Hannah Arendt had lived now, how would she have responded to our society, our politics and our actions?

Themes to come include freedom, what is politics, what is (the meaning of) thinking and how can we deal with refugees. A response to this, see and hear in images and music, interspersed with an explanation of her work.

On accordion, Erica performs a wide variety of music: Bach, klezmer, American contemporary music, plus self-penned music written for and inspired by Hannah’s Podium. And all of these works are connected in some way to Arendt’s ideas.

Practical info

From the repertoire

Jesus Torres

[ 1994 ]

Francesco Rognoni

[ 1600 ]

Info and bookings

16 Sep
Pampering concert with Oene van Geel

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