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“Pure, clear, sensitive, effectual.”

Infinite variety in an infectious musical journey

De Nieuwe Koers, Hanna Blom-Yoo

The accordion is an incredibly versatile instrument. Suitable for melodies as well as chords and equipped for endless variation in dynamics and timbre. Sometimes the instrument sounds carefree and cheerful, other times its melancholy voices push your spirits into the mud.

Those who have not yet become convinced of that dynamism and variety are handed a truckload of evidence with Arquitecturas del Silencio. For this first solo album, accordionist Erica Roozendaal drew inspiration from Old Dutch poetry, sounds of nature and Eastern music, among other things. But the CD also features, for example, arrangements of Geneva psalm melodies.

It is a captivating set of pieces that, despite variations in approach and genesis, coalesce together into an unthought-of whole. Moreover, Roozendaal manages to give his own twist each time; for example, by reciting a poem with the music serving as background. Her voice and playing are pure, clear, sensitive and effective.

The third track is the album’s namesake, “Arquitecturas del Silencio. An overwhelming and immensely interesting composition, with which composer Sanchez-Verdú manages to elevate the accordion almost to a living being.

Roozendaal herself speaks of music you can’t [be]grasp. Along with several guest musicians, Roozendaal makes it an infectious feast of music. The album is also beautifully designed. An exemplary CD in short, with an instrument that deserves many and also new listeners.

Erica Roozendaal Arquitecturas del Silencio. Lop Lop €15.99

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