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Like a Water-Buffalo

Japanese composer Takahashi wrote Like a water buffalo in 1985. In the Zzian countryside, water buffalo are bred to then work until the end of their lives. The animal is a symbol of slavery.

Yuji Takahashi writes the following:

“Written for Mie Miki who wanted to have music of heart for her instrument. The Melody ist from a song I composed for my small band “Suigyu (water buffalo)” during early 1980s. The song is inspired by the following poem written by Wendy Poussard:

Words are born of the people’s fears
Music grows from the people’s tears
The sound of freedom I can’ t define
But when I hear it, I know it’s mine.
Our brothers’ freedom is torn away
Our sister’s sorrow is every day
Our hands reach out to them
Though love is strong, we cannot touch them
So we sing their song.
A song is a question and a memory
There is not limit to what a song can be
The memory’s meaning depends on you
The question’s answer is what you do.
Singing a song together, walking down the road,
We don’t have long, we are hot and cold, Stop and go.
But the song plays on –
Like a water-buffalo

Sheet music is now available online:

Parsa Zandi

[ 2024 ]

Sohui Jeong

[ 2024 ]

Adrienne Schoenfield

[ 2024 ]

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