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At the table at the Haagse Kunstkring

“Through art – music, an image or a word – you are touched by the things you cannot name.”

On Friday, March 25, Erica Roozendaal, accordionist and visual artist, was a guest on “At the Table with The Hague Art Circle. Anita Poolman talked to her about her artistry, her love for the accordion, her drive for authenticity and independence, about the trio Roadrunner with which she is creating a furor and about her solo programs Black Birds and Hannah’s Podium, a combination of music, paintings and words.

  • Music: ‘Time’ by Erica Roozendaal; Prelude in c-sharp minor by J.S. Bach
  • Camera and editing: Dennis Simonis and Ron Sikking
  • Paintings in the background: Rineke Kop

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