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Dos Klezmer Shifl

This CD is a wonderful collection of instrumental klezmer pieces and Yiddish songs sung by Shura Lipovsky. Shura sings her own new version of the well-known song Lomir zikh iberbetn, which she composed especially for this CD. The title piece is a suite composed during the Corona period, in which each band member contributes. Eva dug up the Talnoer Nign, Erica wrote Bliyen (Yiddish for flourish), Iefke wrote Eden in dem Gortn for her daughter Eden, and Bert wrote the Fuerther Freylehs, because every story must end happily. The children of the band sing the song Mameloshn, which Bert composed especially for this CD. The text consists of all the sweet little words parents say to their children. Clarinetist Christian Dawid shines in some wonderful traditional klezmer pieces.

The design of the CD was created by Erica. You can order it here.

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