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A Midsummer Night’s Sing

Sunday 25 June 2023

Trio Arise!

A Midsummer Night Sing is an interactive, playful and inspiring evening full of instrumental music and singing by three progressive musicians who meet at the intersection of classical, jazz and improvisation. The Arise! Collective – Oene van Geel, composer and viola player, Erica Roozendaal, accordion and Laura Bohn, voice – come together to put their creative spin on musical traditions from all over the world. Arise! creates bridges between lullabies and classical art songs, early baroque tunes and traditional folk songs, cabaret and choral songs. Over these bridges we fly on a sonic journey with original arrangements for accordion, viola and voice and unexpected trio improvisations. Oene and Erica also put their instruments aside to make excursions into trio song. As the program progresses, there will be more and more opportunities for the listener – for those who want – to raise their own voice, or clap and stomp along. No experience is necessary, and you can always sit back and enjoy – if you can resist!

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