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Night owl try out #3

Saturday 27 May 2023


Daan is thirty years old, six years old, ten years old, and fifteen years old. All at the same time.

Daan lives in an ordinary village. In an ordinary house with a father and a mother. She is just in school, just in music class and just in gym. And her very favorite activity is making beautiful things with her imagination; music, drawings or stories.

But, all sorts of things are happening that she can’t explain. So she feels all kinds of things she doesn’t want to feel, very strange, but these feelings sometimes come out of the blue. As if someone else entered her body and took control. And things happen that she is blamed for that she has nothing to do with. And sleep … so she never succeeds, because in the night she hears all kinds of voices that she just can’t get quiet.

Only when she dares to really listen to what she actually hears in the night does she find out why she just won’t sleep and why so many unexplainable things happen.

A youth performance with music and acting, for children ages 10 and older.
The performance deals with the topic of sexual abuse and neglect and is therefore not suitable for younger children.

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