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Arquitecturas del Silencio

The story

A program around the inaudible, encompassable, indescribable. The very thing that makes music so beautiful and cannot be shared in any other way.

Arquitecturas del Silencio (“Architecture of Silence”) written by José Maria Sanchez Verdú, is an ode to silences and unintended sounds in music. His music is audible, but almost palpable and tangible.

In 2018, Erica’s solo CD was released with the same title and theme.

Practical info

  • Duration: 60 minutes or 2×40 minutes
  • Solo program

From the repertoire

José-Maria Sanchez-Verdú

[ 2004 ]

G.A. Bredero

[ 1615 ]

G.A. Bredero

[ 1615 ]

Bent Sørensen

[ 2000 ]

Info and bookings

16 Sep
Pampering concert with Oene van Geel

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