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Opening Back To the Soil

18 November zag de opening van de expositie Back to the Soil, in gallerie Intussen, te Amsterdam. Ik ben blij dat te mogen exposeren met drie werken! Ze refereren alledrie naar de titel en het thema van de expositie.

Over hoe ik de dood kan beleven, hoe herinneringen het hier en nu beïnvloeden en over hoe het leven zich continu aanpast en doorontwikkeld.

De andere kunstenaars zijn Annette Bleeker, Laura Pelufo, Sidyon Cucaro, Ellen Ogawa, Ferial Dalen, Adelina Reyes , Pablo Ponce.


The earth’s soil provides a fertile basis for life, it is the upper layer of land in which plants grow and animals feed – yet it is also their ultimate resting place. Upon death, organisms naturally return to the soil through the processes of decay and decomposition. Our soil becomes a perpetual intermediary – a purgatory and cradle – where lives both begin and end, only to commence anew. Intussen Gallery proudly presents a new exhibition to venerate the interplay of life and death, taking soil as a starting point in this conversation.

For many things can be soil. Intussen views a return to the soil as an approximation towards beginnings and endings. It prompts reflection: What is the “soil” from which you originated? A child’s nurturing “soil” might be akin to Madonna’s breast. Conversely, what will be your “soil” in the end? When contemplating endings, Intussen strives to honor the different rituals of mourning that cultures across the world have developed. A new kind of soil, where the living connect with the departed and the cycle of life can be celebrated. Día de los muertos. Sky burials. Funerals and processions. A beginning facing and ending.

Moreover, it is imperative for this gallery to acknowledge the current devastating human crisis. Intussen expresses its solidarity with Palestine, currently victim of genocide, as well as Sudan, Congo, and other territories and communities from the global south suffering from displacement and instituonalized colonial violence. Recognizing their relevance to the overarching theme of this exhibition is essential, as Intussen stands with them in their struggle. In this sense, we invite all of you, our visitors, to contribute to the makings of a communal altar in commemoration of the cycle of life. Bring your loved one’s objects, words, images and impressions, bring yourself to our altar so we may stand together.

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